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MobilityX  Conference
The transportation industry will change more in the next 5 years than it has in the past 50. Join us for our next event in late summer 2019 in the USA.
Join us.
Speakers and Attendees in 2018 Included:
Luc Vincent
VP Engineering - Lyft
Luc Vincent is VP of Engineering at Lyft, where he leads the company's Autonomous Driving division.
Glen Isbell
VP Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Innovation - Bell
The future of urban air taxi is closer than you think.
Amer Akhtar
CRO - DeepMap
HD Mapping and Localization for Safe Autonomy.
Danny Shapiro
Senior Director of Automotive - NVIDIA
Danny Shapiro is NVIDIA's Senior Director of Automotive, harnessing the power of AI to develop self-driving cars.
Caroline Hazlehurst
Director of EMEA Operation - Bird
Bird, the fastest growing startup in the world, is a dockless scooter-share company, which operates in over 100 cities.
Dennis Liu
Associate Director, Global Strategy & Business Development - Ford Motor Company
Advancing innovation from automotive to mobility through venture investments / corporate development efforts.
Christopher Heiser
CEO, Renovo
Christopher Heiser is co-founder and CEO of Renovo, a Silicon Valley technology company focused on the challenges of Autonomous Mobility on Demand (AMoD).
Manuela Papadopol
CEO of Designated Driver
Designated Driver is developing a teleoperation technology solution for autonomous vehicles.
João Barros
CEO - Veniam
Veniam makes places more human by maximizing the utility of vehicles
More to be announced soon
Our event global autonomous vehicle leaders from across a range of industries.
Leading companies, CEO, founders and executives from the autonomous vehicle and mobility industry attend.
We believe that being in an incredible location, with great people creates an unforgettable environment to build lasting relationships and foster connections between individuals.
Join us

The theme of MobilityX in conjunction with Electronomous is how shared, electric connected vehicles can radically alter our cities, make our cities healthier and improve the lives of millions of people.

Autonomy: We will be learning from some of the leading companies in the autonomous vehicle space, hearing about the latest innovation from companies who are on the cutting edge of machine learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence in transportation.

Connected: Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Cloud communications will become increasingly important in the coming years, as cars transform from independent entities to a mesh network of interconnected vehicles, all communicating with each other. We will learn from some of the most advanced V2X companies who are leading the way in this new communication field.

Electric: As battery technology continues to advance and costs continue to decline, more and more manufacturers will turn to electrification to power their vehicles. We will be learning about new charging systems, platforms and how startups and large companies are using electricity to power transport in the future.

Shared: Car sharing is becoming more and more common in large cities around the world. Consumers and manufacturers are learning how to adapt to the changing marketplace and demands it puts on local infrastructure. We’ll hear from policy experts, leading car sharing companies and innovators in the car sharing industry.

Previous X Conference attendees include…
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MobilityX Conference
Our conferences are designed to help leaders connect, learn about future trends and engage with nature and the outdoors.