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MobilityX  Conference
The transportation industry will change more in the next 5 years than it has in the past 50. Become a member, join us for our next conference in Iveagh House, St. Stephens Green, Dublin, Ireland on May 10th, and be in with a chance to join our VIP weekend, in Achill Island, Mayo on May 11-13
Join us in Dublin This Thursday. Only 15 tickets remaining
Speakers and Attendees Include:
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Location: San Francisco
Date: October 28th
George Kellerman
Rob Conybeer
Shasta Ventures
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The MobilityX Conference brings together a small group of professionals who are focused on autonomous vehicles. The conference is a small, invite only event where leading thinkers, investors and founders can learn from each other share experiences
Our event is a gathering  of global autonomous vehicle leaders featuring executive-level automotive professionals from across a range of industries.
Leading companies, CEO, founders and executives from the autonomous vehicle and mobility industry will be in attendance.
We believe that being in an incredible location, with great people creates an unforgettable environment to build lasting relationships and foster connections between individuals.
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Robert Hambrick
CEO - AutonomouStuff
AutonomouStuff is the world’s leader in products, engineering services and software that enable robotics and self-driving transportation.
James Taylor
Managing Director - BMW Drive Now UK
DriveNow is the revolutionary drive-by-the-minute flexible car sharing service from BMW. Drive Now is expanding across the UK.
David M Uze
CEO - Trillum
Trillium Secure provides a multi-layered solution for hardening connected vehicles against cyber-attacks. Trillium is based in Japan with offices in SIlicon Valley.
Frank Bunte
Head of Europe - Nauto
Nauto is an artificial intelligence-powered system and data platform designed to improve fleet safety and power the development of self-driving technology,
Barry Dever
Valeo is an automotive supplier and partner to automakers worldwide. As a technology company, we design innovative solutions for smart mobility, with a particular focus on intuitive driving and reducing CO₂ emissions
Peter Barry
Jaguar Land Rover - Chief Software Architech
Jaguar Land Rover are working towards building Level 4 Self Driving Cars, and have set up a R&D facility in Shannon, Co. Clare.
Barry Lunn
CEO - Arralis
Arralis is bringing military grade millimetre-wave radar technology to the masses for the first time. It is the future of automotive autonomous vision and wireless communications.
Rui Costa
CTO - Veniam
Veniam enables future mobility by delivering the essential V2X data networking platform for connected and autonomous vehicles.
Mircea Gradu
Chief Quality Officer - Velodyne LiDAR, Inc
Mr. Gradu leads Velodyne Lidar to design, develop and manufacture world-class products compliant with the international quality standards and satisfying customer needs.
Bruno Fernandez
CTO - Nexar
Nexar uses smartphones to create an AI-backed vehicle-to-vehicle networks that work to predict and prevent accidents.
Peter Kovacs
Head of Projects - AImotive
AImotive is a global provider of vision-first self-driving technology who utilize artificial intelligence, simulation and supporting hardware architectures for a safe autonomous experience.
Michael Drobac
Senior Advisor, McGuire Woods
Michael Drobac is a leading policy maker and influencer in the US, helping to make self driving car policy a reality in the US.
Philip McNamara
Voxpro & MobilityX
Philip is Vice President of Business Development at Voxpro USA and Co Founder of MobilityX

The theme of this event is ACES and how shared, electric connected vehicles can radically alter our cities, make our cities healthier and improve the lives of millions of people.

Autonomy: We will be learning from some of the leading companies in the autonomous vehicle space, hearing about the latest innovation from companies who are on the cutting edge of machine learning, computer vision and artificial intelligence in transportation.

Connected: Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Cloud communications will become increasingly important in the coming years, as cars transform from independent entities to a mesh network of interconnected vehicles, all communicating with each other. We will learn from some of the most advanced V2X companies who are leading the way in this new communication field.

Electric: As battery technology continues to advance and costs continue to decline, more and more manufacturers will turn to electrification to power their vehicles. We will be learning about new charging systems, platforms and how startups and large companies are using electricity to power transport in the future.

Shared: Car sharing is becoming more and more common in large cities around the world. Consumers and manufacturers are learning how to adapt to the changing marketplace and demands it puts on local infrastructure. We’ll hear from policy experts, leading car sharing companies and innovators in the car sharing industry.

Previous X Conference attendees include…
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MobilityX Conference
Our conferences are designed to help leaders connect, learn about future trends and engage with nature and the outdoors.